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Sound + Restore with Ann Sensing

How we move is just as important as how much we move. Ignite awareness through gentle movement as we mindfully explore the natural tendencies of the body with the healing power of sound. By engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, we will tune in to the sense of the body, or embodied self-awareness, in order to have an authentic experience of the body as strong, supple, and adaptable. Experience the perfect blend of sound and soma in which the practice of attention regulation promoted by slow movement combines with the body's readiness to direct its resources toward healing. By actively listening, feeling, and observing the body in motion, we turn on to what we need and better ready ourselves for self-healing. Engage in this soulful, multi-sensory movement experience as a way to drop out of the mind to instead befriend and enjoy ease in the body. With opportunities for stillness, we will also explore sound as a way to further relax and restore. Benefits include decreased alienation from the body, feeling joyful, and facilitating gentle understanding, self-compassion, and emotional healing.


Class Structure:

We will begin by acquainting ourselves with our current states of mind and gently tapping into how we are feeling through a brief guided somatic meditation (in-depth body scan). Then we will slowly start warming up the body through gentle, intentional movement. Once we have centered breath and body, we will practice aligning the physical and mental through the combination of restorative postures and stillness with the accompaniment of sound. We will end with an extended savasana. Mindfully move, relax, restore, and allow yourself the time and space to heal.


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Ann Sensing is a Nashville native currently living in Brooklyn, NY, where she has recently been certified as a Sound Meditation Facilitator through MNDFL, the premiere meditation studio in New York City. Also a certified yoga instructor, Ann has arrived at teaching as a way to serve others in the same way she was brought to create harmony in her own life. All of Ann's offerings are improvised and intuitive-based, making each experience unique.