Shakti Power Yoga is more than our livelihood; it is our mission. 
It is our expression of love and gratitude for life’s energy, and the spiritual connections we all share. 


Welcome to Shakti Power Yoga, our intimate and friendly yoga community in the heart of Nashville. Shakti Power Yoga is more than just a place to take a class. Our mission is to empower students on and off the mat. We are honored to offer a space for you to tap into Shakti – Shakti is the powerful creative energy inside each of us.  Our practice is rooted in gratitude, and focused on building strength, balance, and flexibility through a challenging and energizing Power Yoga practice.

We started this journey with the intention of giving back to the community that has empowered us, and it’s everything we’ve envisioned! By inspiring growth in the mind, body, and spirit, we believe we can create powerful good in the world. We hope you’ll join us. 

Shakti Love, 
Kelly & Lauren


Upcoming Workshops