We are located on the top two floors of a 150 year old historic, three-story home on Music Row in the heart of Nashville. Our studio holds up to 12 classes per day, varying in styles in both our heated (Shakti) and unheated (Shiva) rooms.

Your use of the space includes a place to store your belongings, men's and women's changing rooms, bathrooms, and showers. We always have yoga mats and towels available for rent, as well as bottled water for purchase.


The Benefits

  • Strengthens and tones the body

  • Provides a full-body, challenging, cardiovascular workout

  • Burns calories while building lean muscle

  • Improves flexibility and posture

  • Engages core muscles, which improves balance

  • Promotes stamina and endurance

  • Lengthens muscle fibers while strengthening them

  • Sharpens concentration and focus

  • Reduces stress and tension

  • Eliminates toxins

  • Creates a deeper, harmonious relationship with the mind and body

  • Creates community

Gratitude Changes Everything
— Shakti yoga nashville

The practice

We understand that yoga is a personal practice, and finding the right studio and teaching style is essential.

We offer a diverse collection of yoga asana styles, with a focus on Baptiste Power Yoga, an energizing practice in a heated space that links the breath and movement in the body. Allowing the breath to fuel our practice enables us to target muscle groups, quiet the mind, and our tap into our vitality and Shakti within. We incorporate both traditional and modified versions of ancient postures and also include elements of meditation into our practice.

Many of our classes are held in a heated space to promote increased flexibility and generate sweat – the body’s natural way of purging toxins and releasing what holds us back, both physically and spiritually. Students of Power Yoga often become dedicated followers. The practice is intense and challenging, and also adaptable for all students. It leaves yogis feeling energized, uplifted, and centered.

We also have The Shiva Room, a beautiful unheated space on the 2nd floor that offers incredible, natural lighting and a pure, clearing energy.