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Lindsay Lusignea Workshop Weekend

Friday, December 2, 5:30-7:30pm

Slow Your Flow: The Art of Yoga as Self-Care

Sink into an evening of pure bliss. In this deeply therapeutic workshop Lindsay will guide you through a relaxing and refreshing yoga practice. As the changing Fall season comes to an end and the introspective and busy Winter season begins, take time to reflect, slow down, and breathe.

The class will begin by focusing inward with meditation and journaling, followed by a slow, restoring vinyasa flow with various postures that will bring expansion to all areas of your body including your feet, legs, hips, back, neck and wrists. The second half of class will be a restorative practice using props and yin yoga poses to bring healing to your mind and body.

This style of yoga will target the connective tissues and the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice. Feel the healing benefits of yoga by liberating your body's chronic holding patterns and pain. Learn postures you can do at home or at work to keep your body healthy and your mind stress-free.

Come to restore and you will revive yourself mind, body, and spirit.

$30 or all 3 workshops for $75

Saturday, December 3, 9:30-11:30am

Detox Flow: Rinse.Refresh.Cleanse

Rinse. Cleanse. Refresh. Start your new year off powerfully with Lindsay's 9th annual Detox Flow! A flow for purification of the mind, body, and spirit. Throughout the holiday season we take on heavy toxic burdens from processing certain foods and drinks, stress in relationships, stress in occupations, and a busy schedule. Each of these things effect our health, attitude, and peace of mind.

This special class is a creative and invigorating yoga sequence that will stimulate a full cleanse from the inside-out. We will use pranayama, unique postures, and fun sequences that will target digestive and detox organs in the body and that will renew your spirit. This flow is led with upbeat music and designed to raise the bar of your personal power.

After class, enjoy some detoxifying drinks and snacks along with personalized handouts made by Lindsay that include tips and tricks to maintain your resolutions and health throughout 2016.

$30 or all 3 workshops for $75

Sunday, December 4, 9:30-11:30am

Explore Your Boundaries: The Art of Backbends and Arm Balances

"Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box."

Backbends and arm balances involve strength, flexibility, technique, and several doses of courage. This is an inviting workshop to safely explore some of the most elusive postures in our yoga practice through eye-opening education and direct experience.

In this workshop we will begin by learning about the alignment and anatomy of backbend and arm balance postures. Then we will use a variety of tips and techniques during a warm up series to prepare the body for both basic and advanced variations. In these postures, we explore the unseen and unknown by moving into transitions and postures that can often appear impossible. Backbend postures and transitions include bow pose and variations, wheel pose and variations, camel pose and variations, tic-tocs, camel to wheel. Arm balance postures and transitions include crow and related variations including firefly, grasshopper, transitioning from one arm balance to another, and more.

Expect to challenge your physical practice and expand your mental mindset with your supportive and encouraging community. This will be an exciting workshop open to all levels - there will always be a step that you can do. Surprise yourself.


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