Shakti Love

What does that mean? I often find myself ending emails, signing cards, hash-tagging, or just yelling out a farewell by saying "Shakti Love." I recently have been thinking about what that actually means to me as I throw that out to the universe. I have never thought of myself as a creative person.  I do not sing, draw, write, or dance exceptionally well, so it is funny to me the actual word “Shakti” means creation. Shakti is the divine creative energy we all have and the agent for change. Shakti is the reason things get done!  The word Shakti also means Community to me. The community we have ALL created together. We have come together with a foundation of gratitude, service, empowerment, and love. I have learned and been inspired by the Shakti community over the past 3 years that I am an agent for change and creation. I can give up the idea that I am not creative and I go forth and create whatever I want, and when I do it is from a space of love in my heart.

This community is an agent for transformation. I have the privilege daily to witness people in our community making an impact in Nashville and all over world. Whether it is teaching yoga, donating canned food, starting a non-profit, writing songs, dancing in the Nashville ballet, starting a band, sharing your story, making jewelry, the purpose is to create what fuels your soul. I say, whatever it is, go out and do it! Who cares if its not what you think it was going to look like - get messy, why not? When you are creating with love and joy, people gravitate to you and get inspired to do the same. 

This community was created to empower people to live their best lives and I know when I am creating, I feel Alive, connected, and Inspired. Which to me is the vibration I want to live in.  So when I say Shakti Love - I mean GO FORTH AND CREATE WHATEVER FILLS YOUR SOUL WITH LOVE and know your community has your back! 

I am grateful for each and everyone one of you.

Shakti Love.