Lighten Up 2016!

It's 2016!
Cheers to YOU! 

We are so grateful for each of you! When we reflect on 2015, we see a community that is full of love, support, acceptance, and growth. We have been blessed each day of the year to be surrounded by people who are up to something Big in their lives and who inspire each other to be authentic and bold. This community gives back with open and generous hearts and it makes a huge impact in the city.  We look forward to growing in 2016 with each of you on and off your mat.

The New Year is an opportunity to start fresh, to clear a space for exactly what it is You want to be. There is a great saying “it's not about what you are doing, it's about how you are being.” In 2016, we want to be here for YOU. We want you to all know that Shakti’s intention is to be a space and a home of acceptance, empowerment, and courage...Oh and awesome yoga! We thank each one of you for Showing Up and Shining Bright each day.

We look forward to Lighting it Up in 2016! 
Cheers to the New Year and all the possibility it holds for us.  

Shakti Love, 
Lauren & Kelly