Murn throws fun around like it's confetti. She loves to sweat, but she never sweats the small stuff. She's the walking, talking, listening, playing, singing, dancing, praying, laughing-out-loud, doing-the-heavy-lifting-without-ever-once-complaining (ever!)-embodiment of love and strength.

She's the one we call when we need a friend to lean on, to shepherd us back into the light. She shows up. She comes through. She and Hank do double-duty as Shakti's in-house comics, cracking us all up. Every day, Murn's goal for herself and our community isn't just to survive, but to thrive.

That's what's up in her yoga classes (Sunday 8am, every other Monday at noon, Tuesday at 9:30am, and Wednesday 4:30pm). Empowering people then seeing them do things they didn't believe they could do brings her joy - and inspires her to do the same.  Always, at any moment, she can find something to laugh about and feel grateful for. The more she gives, the more she has.

Speaking of giving, one of her newest ways of giving back is through "Corporate Yoga," or Shakti's Workplace Wellness program. Murn recently left a 15 year career in Corporate America to teach yoga full-time, manage Shakti, and has recently created Healthy Bodies, Healthy Business. She knows the stresses (and SITTING) that come along with being in Corporate America (and if you're reading this from an office desk right now, you understand!). Yoga helped Murn cope with the stresses of the corporate world and she found a new way of being. Through Workplace Wellness, she strives to bring those same benefits to as many people as possible.

Connect with Murn: IG: @themurnburn