Alexis Henslee

Alexis posture 2018.jpg

Alexis grew up in East Tennessee loving dance, especially Ballet. She went to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and definitely bleeds orange. After school, she eventually made her way to Nashville, TN where her parents and brother had settled years earlier. Her yoga journey began in 2009 with a very consistent Bikram practice. It was then that she met Kelly Farina. Bikram was very special to her however she found herself looking for something more in terms of a workout. She ventured away from yoga for a few years dabbling in more dance, boot camps and other workouts. In 2013, a friend mentioned she has been practicing at Shakti Power Yoga and how great the vinyasa was. It was no coincidence that Kelly was the owner of Shakti and the Farina sisters would become a part of her life again. After a year of daily practice at Shakti, she decided that teacher training was the right path. Training and teaching has been something that she has always been called to do and combining her love for yoga and her love for teaching seemed like a no brainer. Alexis was lucky enough to be part of the very first group of teacher trainees with emPower School of Yoga (Shakti’s teacher training program). She finished her 200 hour RYT in April 2015 and has been teaching at Shakti ever since. She has trained with many different and influential teachers through the years including Baron Baptiste, Patrick Beach, Meghan Currie, Carson Clay Calhoun, Ragunath and Daphnie Larkin. Yoga has such a permanent and important place in her life. The aspects of yoga beyond the mat have been an incredible force in her life that has helped her through both good times and bad. Being in the studio and on her mat every day gives her the assurance that no matter what, everything is going to be alright. 

Connect with Alexis on IG: @aahenslee