We offer group yoga sessions and packages for your workplace! Sessions can be hosted at the studio, or at your place of business. 
Session pricing is customizable based on frequency, number of participants, and length of sessions.


Meet Murn!

Murn is Shakti's studio manager and one of our teachers. But yoga wasn't always a part of her life - she held a career in corporate America for over a decade, and understands the mental, physical, and emotional stress that can often accompany the stability of a desk job or similar. She has empathy for your schedule, understands your organization's needs, and is great at making group yoga experiences fun & attainable.



  • decrease in stress levels
  • increase in productivity and energy level
  • release of head, neck, and back strain
  • increase in overall well-being and happiness
  • fosters community

"Desk Work" Quotes

There is conclusive evidence supporting the fact that offering even one yoga session in a week brings about notable changes in employee behavior by helping them manage stress better, enhance clarity and creative thinking, improve communication skills, cultivate leadership and teamwork, and increase overall effectiveness in the workplace.
— Corporate Wellness Magazine
Thank you for your wonderful guidance, I know I can speak for everyone when I say we really enjoy our time spent on the mat with you.
— MetaMorph, current Shakti Workplace Wellness client

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