Nicole Gheorghe

Nicole attended her first yoga practice at 9 years old, alongside her mother, a long-time yogi. To some degree, yoga had always been present in her life, but it wasn't until college that she realized it was actually the greatest gift she had ever received. As she grew older, she quickly learned that the effects of her practice went so much deeper than just the physical. After witnessing the impact of her practice in her own life, she knew she had to share what she was experiencing through yoga. In 2011, Nicole completed a 230Hr teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center, and is currently on the path to completing her 500Hr Prana Flow certification with Shiva Rea.

Nicole considers her yoga practice to be her saving grace, and the time she spends on her mat is what makes her whole. Every time she steps onto the mat, she is reminded that each breath is a chance to make a change, and every day is a new challenge, and new opportunity. When we learn to quiet the mind and listen to the breath, something magical happens, and the heaviness of life begins to vanish. She is eternally grateful to her mother who introduced her to this practice at a young age, and her teachers who have encouraged her throughout her journey.