Chris Byford

I have been teaching and coaching in one form or another for my entire life. Yoga came into my life right at the moment when I needed it the most. I was dealing with multiple medical issues, including a torn meniscus. Through developing a yoga practice, I strengthened my body, came off of the debilitating medications that were destroying my liver, and learned what it meant to be of service to those around me. 

I am a full time yoga teacher and a true believer that a dedicated yoga and meditation practice can change a person's body, life, and way of being. I have completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training and I received my Children's Yoga Teacher Certification from Next Generation Yoga. I have also completed another 200 hours of training with the Baptiste Yoga Institute and I have been on the Baptiste Yoga team for multiple trainings. 

I have worked with yogis of all ages, levels, and backgrounds; including athletes, children, and students with differing exceptionalities. I teach for the nonprofit Small World Yoga at the Nashville Rescue Mission and at Maplewood High School. I am a legacy Lululemon Ambassador and I love teaching at community events that create unity and create awareness for worthwhile causes. My goal in life is to empower others to empower others and let my dedication for service roar through the world around me. 

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