Maddie adams

Maddie took her first yoga class at the age of 19 after finishing her first year of college. She initially stepped into hot yoga as a way to get in shape, but quickly she noticed a difference in how she felt both physically and mentally following a hot, powerful, breath-focused practice; immediately she was enchanted. It wasn't until about 4 years later, after graduating from college and moving back to Nashville, that she began practicing yoga regularly and made it an integral part of her life. Initially a fan of the Bikram style, Maddie was hesitant to switch to vinyasa, fearful that it wouldn't be as challenging or transformative. But when she took her first class at Shakti, she left feeling more physically energized and mentally shifted than ever before. She noticed herself dialing inward, working through emotional blocks, and gradually feeling lighter overall. She enrolled in teacher training in the summer of 2013 and almost immediately after completing her 200 hour training, began classes teaching at Shakti. Today, yoga is a daily part of Maddie's life, both in teaching and practicing, on and off her mat. She finds true joy holding space for her students to sweat, work, grow, laugh, and love.

Connect with Maddie: IG: @maddielite