Krista Davis

In 2007, Krista and a friend signed up for an elective course at UT Knoxville called "Yoga 101" mostly to hang out with each other and get an easy A. After that, she practiced intermittently for a few years, but it wasn't until 2012, while struggling with adult world and graduate school stress, when she discovered the impact yoga could have on her life. At the time, she was a Psychology student in a Mindfulness Research lab and was encouraged to incorporate daily yoga and/or meditation into her routine to reduce stress. Looking at yoga as a personal experiment, Krista began to see that a consistent practice was directly proportional to all things good (or as her advisor would say, "optimal well-being").

When she moved back to Nashville in late 2014, Krista signed up for emPower School of Yoga's 200 hour training. Throughout training, so many life-lightbulbs came on - it opened the door to a continuous path of physical and mental self-discovery.

As a teacher, Krista wants to encourage others along their own path by leading invigorating classes that incite strength and empowerment on and off the mat.

Outside of yoga, she is often dining, wine-ing, and laughing with the people she loves. Some other favorite hobbies are live music, local craft/art/food events, traveling as much as possible, and treasure-hunting at antique stores and flea markets.