Koula Callahan

Koula began practicing yoga in 2006 as a way to restore her body in between high school soccer seasons. Though she was originally drawn to the practice for its physical benefits, she quickly became intrigued and inspired by how the practice transformed her mind and spirit. What she loves most about the practice of yoga is how it simplifies complex situations and poses through breath, movement, and meditation. Yoga has taught Koula the value of self awareness and self care, especially in the face of hardship and suffering; yoga is what helps Koula navigate the joys and challenges of being human and she’s passionate about bringing that to her students. Her classes, while physically challenging, encourage self inquiry, self care and self discipline. She believes in the power of positive choice, gratitude and grace, and is convinced you can cultivate that through movement, postures and breath. Koula completed her 200 hour teacher training in March of 2016 through the emPower School of Yoga in Nashville.