Keri Newman

Keri started checking out local yoga classes in Queens, NY in 2007, to complement her running schedule. Yoga was a "once-in-a while" thing until 2010, when she moved to Brooklyn and found 2 great studios within short walking distance from her apartment. Keri started noticing how much calmer she felt after class, and noticed the improved quality of her sleep. Her practice still wasn't consistent; Keri looked to yoga when life was stressful, and dropped away when things were going well. After looking to yoga again in 2013 to help manage severe anxiety, she finally made the connection between a consistent practice and reducing stress levels. Keri's practice became a place to explore self-kindness, and the healing power of breath. After moving from Brooklyn to Nashville in 2015, Shakti Power Yoga became her beacon while adjusting to life in a new city. Keri completed teacher training with emPower School of Yoga in March 2016. 

In class, Keri loves encouraging her students to practice dropping the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back from contentment, presence, and peace on and off of our mats. Whether guiding students through Power Flow or Restorative classes, Keri hopes to help students find lightness, compassion, and a place to nurture themselves. You'll likely hear an eclectic playlist, and maybe a New York accent here and there.