Jess DiNisco

Jess has been practicing yoga for five and a half years. Initially, she was trained in power yoga and since then has been trained with vinyasa technique. She is currently wrapping up a 500 hour foundations in yoga therapy. She practices daily and the practice takes many forms: asana (or movement, what we do on the mat), pranayama (or breath techniques for concentration), meditation (visualization or mindful/loving kindness based), chanting/mantra, and svadyaya (self-reflection/study).

These practices and teachings have been invaluable throughout Jess' life. Yoga has brought much clarity, healing, depth, acceptance and love to her life. Mostly it has, and continues to, exponentially increase her ability to embody authenticity. She has learned to see her truth and meet it with acceptance, devotion and an ongoing reflection. The asana is one small token of this practice. She may not be able to stick every handstand or contort her body. She can show up in the most authentic, courageous and caring way possible. She can bring the teachings forward and hope to learn from everyone she encounters as well.

Jess' classes are based on techniques of power, vinyasa and yoga therapy. She frequently hears "I feel more focused" or "My mind feels more at peace." In life and in classes, she seeks to inspire peace of mind, clarity, truth, and authenticity.

Desikachar once told a teacher of Jess' "Only a thief would receive a teaching and not share." It is her intention to care and share these teachings and practice with anyone open to receiving. She hopes to see you for some practice, and asks to please, bring your requests.