Desirae Brakhage

Des posture shot.jpg

Desirae took her first studio yoga class in Knoxville, Tennessee at the Glowing Body Yoga Studio in 2014. Her first class was challenging, even frustrating, but something brought her back. Perhaps it was simply that yoga presented a new challenge for her competitive spirit, or (more likely) the sense of non-judgement and peace that seemed to reside over the entire building. In the years that passed, she found yoga to be increasingly useful as an accessible path to stress relief and physical strength that she lacked. Three years later, Desirae enrolled in the emPower School of Yoga 200 hour RYT in Nashville, TN, where her practice truly transformed her life and self. Since that time, her experience of yoga has become not only stress relief and strengthening, but a path to inner growth and acceptance, a source of stability, and - most incredibly - a source of community. Desirae was and continues to be grateful to Kelly Carter, Lauren Farina, and Liz Veyhl for their leadership and modelling of compassion and life-long learning. Desirae’s vision as a yoga teacher is to be one who continues to learn as she teaches, following the leadership from her teachers.

Desirae teaches Baptist style Power Vinyasa, a vigorously active form of yoga, incorporating breath and movement that will inspire strength, growth, and a sense of calm. When not teaching or practicing, you can find Desirae hiking with her dog, Heidi, or planning her next travel adventure.